Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jase the Ace Koumas Kicks ASS...

Back from the fortress known as the Hawthorns today. It was a game of 2 halves. The first hakf Albion were dreadful, the worst I've seen in years, their passing was atrocious, their mid-field non existent and their defence had more holes than one of my cover stories.
That said as good ole' Tom Ross pointed out on the phone in, Ipswich never really looked dangerous, I'm sure that was their ineptitude rather than our skill.

The second half was a different tale, we played wide cutting deep into their midfield and defence and allowing Kamara to cut loose (athough he has played better) and successfully netting a penalty. But it was Koumas who scored the winner which he picked up and sent in from 25 yards. Outstanding goal!! Boing Boing !!!!

We're in prime position but I hope our beloved chairman decides to specualte to accumulate in January because we;re not home and dry. Still we're grinding out the results and that's the main thing. I also enjoyed chanting "stand up if you hate the wolves" and "shit on the wanderers" especially going 2 - 0 down. Ouch gotta hurt :-)

New Years Eve tomorrow looking forward to seeing my mate Ian for one of our famous sessions should be the stuff of legends.
I've also cleaned up my blog site a little as it may have been a trifle critical of politicians and aquaintances and I wouldn't want to get myself or anybody else into trouble.

I must also remind any welsh colleagues who are reading this (and I know some of you will be Rachael, Nick, AL) to go over to Ian's blog site

It's the beginnings of a fascinating look into his recent tour of Bangladesh with his football team.
Awsome reading and a fine site to boot.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Doctor .. disappoints and Boxing Day blues

I write this with quite the hangover from lunch, I ate far too much and drank a bottle of wine to myself.. never a good thing in the middle of the afternoon.

Still it's been an improving Xmas, my parents seem to have got over their respective tantrums from yesterday, Kel's mum is improving - which is a relief for all concerned, she's had three massive operations in a week and is still poorly, but improving enough to be out of intensive care.

My thoughts are also with Martin's family who are trying to have a good Xmas despite their sudden loss. It perhaps explains my Dad's erratic behaviour, never easy losing one of your best mates, especially at Christmas.

All said I'm enjoying the break, especially as from next year it'll be a difficult few months at work

It's nice not to have done anything at all over the last couple of days although undoubtedly I'll venture into the sales tomorrow.
I watched the good Doctor and I was probably in the wrong mood for the comedic episode although it appears to have gone down very well with the masses. I liked it but wasn't as impressed as last years superior episode.

I can't sign off without mentioning the Baggies 5th game unbeaten and 4th win, especially as Preston are a tough team to beat, the only slight disappointment was that Blues and the Wolves also won, lets hope relegation takes hold of the Wolverhampton boys :-)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

The lunch is mere leftovers, the family are asleep, Potter or Pixar is on the television, the Queen has said her speech, the buttons are pullling on clothes everywhere and children (and parents) await the good Doctor at 7pm.

The more things change the more things stay the same and don't we all just love it.

Merry Xmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Christmas.........time

As I write this I'm preparing to head to London in thick fog. The last day of work for 2 whole weeks..........
Since I last wrote it has been an eventful week, Ibecame re-aquainted with JK las t Wednesday following a successful budget. This was followed by quiet but highly enjoyable weekend in Narbeth with NJ. I kicked his ass in all sorts of ways on Star Wars Battlefront 2 - sad but highly satisfying.
We also watched a terrible movie about time travel with Sir Ben Kingsley.

Sunday featured my first house party - unsuccessful isn't the word. I imagined that 4 - 9pm mean't most people would turn up early evening. - not at 4pm. Old people quarreled, young people freaked out, politicos were dull and I became very drunk very quickly.
I successfully spilled mulled wine, burnt Pizzas, slipped on Mince Pies, broke wine glasses and giggled at old people and politicians, especially when they were telling dull anecdotes.
Awkward for everyone but me.

Ho Ho Ho

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Party, The budget and the hangover

The Tuesday night Labour bash lived up to expectations in every way possible. Drunken beahviour all around -
I particularly liked my colleague MD doing the splits in front of various cabinet Ministers. The state we were in of course was not ideal especially as we had the final budget discussion on Wed.

Reassuring to see that Plaid saw sense and backed down allowing the budget through, however what was far more entertaining was watching the 3 opposition parties launch into scathing attacks on each other. Brilliant! Plaid made a tactical mistake and they know it, by co-operating and working with the Tories on such massive issues they are alienating their core vote.
Now however not only do they politically confused they also look very weak indeed.

Good for us and good for the Tories.

I write this in something of a blur as my hangover kicks up a gear and I have another social tonight . argh :-(

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Tinsel is Up and Xmas is nearly here and Take That are back..........whooo

I can't help it, Xmas is nearly upon us and I'm getting all girlie excited. over the weekend Al and myself bought out tree and decorated it, draped tinsel around pictures and hung cheesy ornaments above doors, all whilst listening to the new Take That album, whicjh is much better than anticipated.

I've just finished Gary Barlow's autobiography which was highly enjoyable in a trashy pop celeb kinda way (thanks Kel), interesting reading and brutally honest, Gary doesn't come out as clean cut as I'd always believed. His anecdotes are self deprecating and funny especially when he eats the record producers breakfast by mistake, followed by his bagels.

I read the bulk of it on my way down to London last Thursday to see CO, we ended up in a very nice chinese restaurant followed by a few drinks in the friendly soc - a very pleasant evening.

Anyway I thought the lyrics were appropriate to me at the moment:

Just have a little patience

I'm still hurting from a love I lost,
I'm feeling your frustration.
Any minute all the pain will stop.
Just hold me close inside your arms tonight,
don't be too hard on my emotions
Cause I need time.
My heart has no feeling.
So while I'm still healing,
Just try and have a little patience.
I really wanna start over again,
I know you wanna be my salvation.
The one that I can always depend.
I'll try to be strong. Believe me, I'm trying to move on,
It's complicated but understand me.

Cause I need time,
My heart is numb has no feeling,
So while I'm still healing,
Just try and have a little patience,

Yeah, have a little patience, Yeah
Cause these scars run so deep, It's been hard, But I have to believe in me.
Have a little patience, Have a little patience,
Woah, Cause I, I just need time,
My heart is numb has no feeling,
So while I'm still healing, just try, and have a little patience,
Have a little patience,
My heart is numb has no feeling,
So while I'm still healing just try and have a little... Patience

patience take thatLove the album, love the single the boys are back at number 1, just like the mid - nineties all over again.

X-men-3 The Last Standing Ovation

A very quick post this video made me laugh out loud.
For all you geeks out there, simply brilliant:

X-Men-3:The Last Standing Ovation Trailer

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Genie out of the bottle... oh and Paris

Interesting day in the WWW (West Wing of Wales). The opposition have effectively released the genie - they have acknowledged that they are willing to form a cohesive (fat chance) alliance / co-alition against Labour. This is quite extraudinary that Tories, Plaid, Libs and Independants are willing to work together to get Labour out. Idiots. Are Plaid so desperate for power that they are willing to bed down with the Tories?? that of course is a cmpletely rhetorical question because of course they are.

So the question is who will blink first over the budget??

I had a good time in Paris over this last weekend, did a lot of walking around the city with Paul (an unexpected guest), had a couple of good meals and a terrible one. My steak was blue and twitching...ugh!

The city itself was more interesting at Xmas and I visited my usual bookshop and purchased a book on Karl Rove, the sequel to the 'Presidents Brain' and a book on London Queer History. All good.

Ian has departed for foreign parts something he is more than familiar with if last Wednesday is anything to go by..

I'm off to London on Thursday for a quiet meeting with a new friend :-)