Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Genie out of the bottle... oh and Paris

Interesting day in the WWW (West Wing of Wales). The opposition have effectively released the genie - they have acknowledged that they are willing to form a cohesive (fat chance) alliance / co-alition against Labour. This is quite extraudinary that Tories, Plaid, Libs and Independants are willing to work together to get Labour out. Idiots. Are Plaid so desperate for power that they are willing to bed down with the Tories?? that of course is a cmpletely rhetorical question because of course they are.

So the question is who will blink first over the budget??

I had a good time in Paris over this last weekend, did a lot of walking around the city with Paul (an unexpected guest), had a couple of good meals and a terrible one. My steak was blue and twitching...ugh!

The city itself was more interesting at Xmas and I visited my usual bookshop and purchased a book on Karl Rove, the sequel to the 'Presidents Brain' and a book on London Queer History. All good.

Ian has departed for foreign parts something he is more than familiar with if last Wednesday is anything to go by..

I'm off to London on Thursday for a quiet meeting with a new friend :-)


Anonymous Ian said...

You kill me Mr B ;-)

Glad you have kept the blog updated. Roll on 31 Dec. I sense a classic.

11:43 PM  

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