Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lost .. I certainly am

So the new series of Lost begins in earnest with a double episode on Sky One.
The trouble with T.V shows such as this one, 24, Alias etc is that you really do need to invest a lot of time in the whole show. To completely understand lost ( and really who does) you really need to watch the whole of the first 2 years before last Sunday night. - c'mon now that's uneccessary.

Last night thanks to the marvels of Sky digital I watched the first 2 episodes of Lost Series 3, yes again it was well acted, intelligently written and with more questions than answers.
However I've decided to leave it there, enough is enough firstly I barely watch any T.V. these days and when I do there is much better fayre than Lost, secondly I don't have the committment for another 4 years. sorry JJ Abrahams but that is that.

Actually having just reviewed my telly waching, it appears that all I really watch is the news, Dragon's eye, Question Time and This week - perhaps I too am lost.

Work pressure continues to increase and the news is not all good, with the announcement of Alcoa closing, manufacturing is at an all time low in Wales despite record employment.
However with the big MOD announcement next week news should be better and coverage for AD will also be v good.

I'm off to Birmingham this weekend to see Ian (bandy legs) Angus for his birthday. An early start of 5.30pm should gurantee an excellent night when anything can and often does happen.
I wonder if a ginger nut will be cracked?


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