Monday, October 30, 2006

Rugby, Aberavon and those damn homosexuals.

An entertaining weekend consisiting of two annual dinners and more interesting chit chat than a catch up in the group office. Friday was the much heralded Aberavon Annual dinner which I attended with Paul. We were as far back from the main table as was possible but we had some delightful company in the shape of Greg and Tammy, who were just fantastic. David Philipps was also very good company.

Andrew Davies AM rocked the house with a good speech but the most amusing moment came from an elderly couple sitting to our right who were bemoaning Labour. (this was a party dinner!!).
Paul rightly asked what issue was causing the demise of the party, Iraq? Blair? Percieved privitisation of public services? No "it was those damn homosexuals taking over the party". Brilliant. Genuinely the funniest moment of the night, Paul looked mortified then was hysterical with laughter, I giggled and went up to dance to S Club 7 .

Following a rather hungover morning I arrived in Birmingham in readiness for the Woodrush 40th annual dinner. I have to say I was dreading it but Dad was great company and the speakers including the chair of the RFU Bob Rogers and especially Lions winger John Bentley were superb. His crack about comiung from Yorkshire and sitting amongst the cast of Last of the Summer Wine was especially funny - and true. A good night.

I read with interest the 'green debate' is there a consensus from the main parties on how to proceed with 'green taxes' unlikely but interesting to watch nevertheless..


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