Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Budget blues

So we lost the Government budget by 1 vote as the opposition parties voted it down. Not unexpected but nevertheless Trish Law should be ashamed of herself for supporting the Tories over Labour. She represents a traditional Labour heartland that was decimated by the Conservatives during the 1980's, she is however more than happy to agree with them. Nye Bevan would be turning in his grave.

As expected West Brom were soundly beaten by Arsenal, although it still hurts that the gunners were a second team squad and we looked poor at best. Good to note Villa see off Leicester as well - they'll do well this season.

My house mate took a break from the grunting and puffing to come for dinner with me, the conversation was good, the wine excellent, the food magnificent and the company as always intelligent. Although I did learn some thing about A.L. that shocked me... I never realised she had such an open mind (amongst other things).

I have the excitement of a Labour student visiting me this afternnon IR is by far the most enthusiastic lad I know, need more of them in the party, a real credit. He's the only person who would come for a tour of the Assembly as a birthday treat.

I read today with interest what Canon Kenyon Wright said

English people have a "sovereign right" to a Parliament of their own if they want one, an architect of Scottish devolution has said.
Canon Kenyon Wright said it was "undemocratic" that Scottish MPs could vote on England-only issues but not vice versa.
He said he wanted to see "a strong English Parliament" and a strengthened
Welsh legislature.
Opponents say they fear the break-up of the United Kingdom.
But Canon Wright said creating an English Parliament would strengthen the union and "may well save it".
He said he had changed his mind on the issue after English regional assemblies - originally planned to correct the alleged power deficit created by Welsh and Scottish devolution - had been overwhelmingly rejected by voters in the North East.
"I have become convinced that England has a growing sense of national identity, every bit as strong as ours, and there should be an English parliament if people want it.
"It is as much our right as it is yours," he told a meeting of the English Constitutional Convention (ECC) in Westminster.

I personally find the idea of an English Parliament pointless, the idea of devoltution was to spread the wealth a little ,allow a small country like wales to thrive, to shine the spotlight on areas or regions that are forgotten or dismissed by Westminster. However not for the first time this year I find myself in the unenviable position of agreeing with the Tories on one issue. I don't think it can be fair that Scottish and welsh MP's can vote on legislation that will have absolutely no impact on ther own constituencies. I find it unsettling and I'm sure a lot of swing voters see it as an injustice as the Labour Party having their cake and eating it to.


Blogger Toque said...

The Tories are correct in saying that the West Lothian Question is unfair but their solution is ompletely wrong.

Devolution was more than just allowing small counties like Wales to shine. It was all about nationhood: The Welsh Assembly was instructed to act as a forum for the Welsh nation, its culture, people and heritage (words to that effect). Very laudable, and why should that be denied to a large nation like England?

More importantly the people of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were given referendums. What was important was not just who they were governed by, but how they were governed. The English have not been afforded that privilege. Instead the UK government, quite a few of them from Scotland and Wales, have attempted to split England up into regions without consulting England as a nation.

They deserve to rot in hell for what they have done - it has been disrespectful and undemocratic.

3:25 PM  
Blogger sandwellboyabroad said...

Indeed it wa about Nationhood but many felt that 'British' nationhood was just 'English' nationhood in disguise.

In regards to how they were governed the point is that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are continually striving to have the same importance, indeed the same prominence as Westminster. England essentially has that. Do I agree England should be split into regions, no, do I agree that Scottish/ Welsh etc MPs should have infuence over a policy that doesn't effect them - no. Does England need it's own specific Governent - no. WestMinster suceesfully manages England and much of Wales, by devolving power to england alone you are not only weakning England but the Uk nationstate as a whole.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Toque said...

We shall have to disagree on that one.

If England doesn't get its own parliament then I shall start campaigning for an end to the Union. Either we are a union of nations by consent and consensus, each with equal democratic and constitutional rights, or we end the union.

I refuse to be a second class citizen because England is 'too big', which is essentially the only argument against England's nationhood.

Wales too should have equality with Scotland. That's what this is about - equality.

6:16 PM  

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