Friday, October 27, 2006

TFI Peter and Andrew

An unusually long working week this one perhaps more so because the 'da boss' has been away ill. Peter Hain has become immersed in a debate about creating 2 tiers of AMs. The first past the post AM and proportional rep (of sorts) AM.

The latter would have less allowances as they would not have to run specific constituency offices and organise specific constituency business. I can see Peter's point, my only concern however is that following next May AMs will all have to work harder and if you start targeting AMs in regional seats, inevitably the focus will fall on those AMs who are directly elected and do nothing. We all know they exist in every party, they see the Assembly as a glorified Council and operate as though it's a town council. - having re-read that last sentence perhaps the attention on these AMs might spur them into action? Actually Mr Hain on reflection I think your completely correct.

So off to the Aberavon annual dinner tonight, I can hardly wait. The guest speaker will I'm sure be good and charasmatic :-)
Although having watched Dragon's eye last night I thought he had a glimmer of real promotion about him? This week he has been far more than a safe pair of hands, he's everywhere and as I was recently told by the editor of a Welsh newspaper - AD is going places he's one of the only professional politicians currently in Wales.


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