Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bond is back and it's about time.

I was fortunate to see the Welsh Premier of Casino Royale last night in Swansea.
Wow, Daniel Craig really is James Bond. I’ve always been a Roger Moore fan ‘I’m attempting re-entry sir” and I had a lot of love for Mr Brosnan and Mr Dalton, but simply Craig is Bond.

I loved it; it’s a mix of From Russia with Love, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Licence to Kill.

It’s brutal, emotional, witty (without bad puns), the enemy is believable and it has a cool twist.

When I heard they were rebooting the franchise I was a little nervous, I like the quasi – continuity, but Barbara and Michael have done it. Cubby would be proud.

When the credits rolled and it played the music I cheered inside, a sad fanboy moment.

Definitely off to see it again.


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