Monday, November 13, 2006

Birthday escapades

Well it's been a very busy 2 weeks, I had a brilliant time in Amsterdam with A.L. chilling eating, smoking and drinking. Boom Chicago as ever was funny, as were the men in the clubs :-)

It's definitely been a rollarcoaster of a fortnight, the highs my birthday celebration whichwas fun. Good to see all my work colleagues as well as Nic, Rachel, Ian and my interns.

Nick Lewis was sober but on ace form his comments were sharp, pithy and too the excruciating point especially to Ian and his choice of nursery age (sorry mate i know you're going to be reading this).

The old rivalry for the affection of old dog Angus was on display i particualry liked Nic and Sandy sizing each other up (pun intended).

Bethan was her usual bubbly and tipsy self her comments inappropriate as always. Moment of the night however must go to Nic showing nude pictures of herself to Nick Lewis and then promptly forgetting which exact ones she had revealed. Mr Lewis's response too rude for here - involved comments about grooming and not just the dogs in her care. priceless

Was bollocked on friday by boss man AD for not following his instructions clearly - I am very much not looking forward to the debate tomorrow as it could cause problems. I personally still feel his current view is the correct one, otherwise he would be massacred at election time. Still he's a man under pressure in his current role and the busiest man in Wales.

Disturbed to see Englandbeing demolished by Argentina (robinson quit now) and the baggies failing to capitalise again... is that bring back RobboI here on the terraces??


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