Monday, November 20, 2006

Baggies are bouncing, Torchwood is terrifying and England are exciting....(for ten minutes)

A good weekend for the Baggies with a rejuvenated Koumas leading West Brom to a decisive victory over rival promotion hopefuls Burnley. 3 - 0 at home was very nice thankyou, lets hope this is the start of the Mowbray effect.

Watching the first Sixty minutes of England at Twickenham was like watching your ex-girlfriend trying to pull another fella. Desperate, sad with a little glimmer of passsion that attracted you to them in the first place. England managed to win 23 - 21. The last 20 minutes was all about heart and little skill, their kicking over the game was atrocious and their is no excuse against a second team SA side.
That all said the last quarter was very exciting and they pulled it off, however the stay of execution for Robinson belies the fact that even former fans like Martin Johnson are now calling for him to quit. I tis after all only 10months until the Rugby World Cup.

Finally as an avid critic of torchwood the Dr Who spin off I have to say I loved last nights episode
it was Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the Brecon Beacons. Brilliant!!!

Oh and finally - interesting to note that Wolves are for sale at the cut price cost of £20million, I may go in with an offer of £2.50 and a bag of maltesers, who knows they may consider it??


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