Monday, November 27, 2006

Baggies and the Birmingham birthday bash

Quite a weekend, firstly England were destroyed at Twickenham by South Africa. Robinson in on his bike their can be no doubt - Martin Johnson is an untested talent and I have massive reservations about him taking over. That said in the immortal words of Yazz 'the only way is up'.

Likewise both West Brom and the England cricket team were soundly beaten, perhaps it's unfair to compare the two when clearly West Brom have 'champions' written all over them but in both respects there is hope. 'England have a young relatively inexprienced team, burdoned by injury woes the quality is sporadic' not my quote but from Jonathon Agnew last year following England's first defeat in the Ashes which they went on to win.

Regarding the Baggies, if they can maintain their nerve, gain some confidence then their bi-polar display should straighten out.

The hightlight of my weekend as I was predicting last week Ian's birthday bash. I had a lot of fun (cough cough) and it was great seeing Charlie, Ricky and gn himself who is becoming more flamboyant every time we meet. Apparently he has finally entered or is that 'been entered by?' the gay world It certainly doesn't apparently stop the musing and wanderings of that said gentleman at other times of the late hour.

I enjoyed the flagrant hostility towards Chris who I had been likened to by a number of individuals, his arrogance and pretentions of grandiose design made me balk, but then I suppose he's me with money . As predicted we pretty much took an immediate dislike to each other bordering on the feral, it wasn't helped by one of Ian's brothers friends an unlikely Queen called Tom who alongside GN (for ever he will be known, the wanderer makes him sound like a shepherd) teased Chris with gay abandon. He didn't like the quip about his blazer and pumps insisting they cost him more that out net annual income. They still looked like they were from the bargain bin at Primark.
Still money does make the world go around and I like a hearty challenge.

In fairness behind the veneer of pomp and pretention I did warm to him a little as the night continued, made easier by the quips about Charlie and his magical scarf. Ed was also on good form and made some biting quips about Chris, much to my delight.

Just for the record I would like to state that tom is in no way Gay, not even slightly, he might look it, sound it and act it but categorically he likes women, I know this because he wanted to go to a strip bar with da boys grrrrrr! and he's trying to grow stubble.
Glad we cleared that up. I also found that Chris was witty, intelligent and interesting after eight pints and I thank him for his hospitality, tea and conversations about David Cameron in the rather beautiful Radisson hotel before embarking on my night of rest.

Other highlights of the night include Ian's brother Al and friends steadfastly refusing to believe that Tom could be gay, despite his clear preferance for Ian which I think is an absolute pre-requisite for being homosexual in the United Kingdom. Also of course that fact that Tom was camper than Dale Winton at Xmas should have provided some hint.

A good night bordering on the great which will be remembered for all the wrong reasons and the terrible hangoverthe next morning.

Yesterday I spent some quality time with Paul and watched the film Elf with Will Ferrell, dreading it but it seduced me into the Christams Spirit. That was followed by another trip to see Bond with my Dad who thoroughly enjoyed it as did I.

I have been accused by a few friends of being a cinema fascist that is to say people making noise checking phones etc annoys me. Perhaps I am but when a couple sit right next to me and continue to kiss, then as far as I'm concerned they should be stoned then beheaded. The slurping and gurgling noises I made everytime they embraced soon put a stop to that behaviour. I also carefully, subtly dropped ice into her open bag; that'll learn her.

The Assembly is buzzing as Xmas approaches and that means more crazy hours at work. It was nice to speak to Jamie Angus on Saturday who has had similar experiences working in the Labour Party to me, perhaps I should set up a support group for disaffected support staff and manual. I would call it 'passion can only carry you so far'.


Anonymous Ian said...

Excellent blog Mr. B.

Immense night; roll on New Year's Eve.

Good to chat earlier; still laugh when I think of the antics. One day, we are going to kick ass in Westminster Village.

I like a good smooch in the cinema...

12:59 PM  

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