Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Doctor .. disappoints and Boxing Day blues

I write this with quite the hangover from lunch, I ate far too much and drank a bottle of wine to myself.. never a good thing in the middle of the afternoon.

Still it's been an improving Xmas, my parents seem to have got over their respective tantrums from yesterday, Kel's mum is improving - which is a relief for all concerned, she's had three massive operations in a week and is still poorly, but improving enough to be out of intensive care.

My thoughts are also with Martin's family who are trying to have a good Xmas despite their sudden loss. It perhaps explains my Dad's erratic behaviour, never easy losing one of your best mates, especially at Christmas.

All said I'm enjoying the break, especially as from next year it'll be a difficult few months at work

It's nice not to have done anything at all over the last couple of days although undoubtedly I'll venture into the sales tomorrow.
I watched the good Doctor and I was probably in the wrong mood for the comedic episode although it appears to have gone down very well with the masses. I liked it but wasn't as impressed as last years superior episode.

I can't sign off without mentioning the Baggies 5th game unbeaten and 4th win, especially as Preston are a tough team to beat, the only slight disappointment was that Blues and the Wolves also won, lets hope relegation takes hold of the Wolverhampton boys :-)


Anonymous Black Country Boy said...

Mark my words Mr B, Mick McCarthy is the man. If we fail in promotion this season we will storm the Championship next. This is genuinely the most positive I have felt about the club in 15 years. I hear you boys have been chanting for Mowbray's head already...

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Peter Crispin said...

I quite agree with you that this year's Doctor Who Christmas episode wasn't so special.

My own review can be found at http://peter-crispin.livejournal.com.

4:51 AM  

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