Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Christmas.........time

As I write this I'm preparing to head to London in thick fog. The last day of work for 2 whole weeks..........
Since I last wrote it has been an eventful week, Ibecame re-aquainted with JK las t Wednesday following a successful budget. This was followed by quiet but highly enjoyable weekend in Narbeth with NJ. I kicked his ass in all sorts of ways on Star Wars Battlefront 2 - sad but highly satisfying.
We also watched a terrible movie about time travel with Sir Ben Kingsley.

Sunday featured my first house party - unsuccessful isn't the word. I imagined that 4 - 9pm mean't most people would turn up early evening. - not at 4pm. Old people quarreled, young people freaked out, politicos were dull and I became very drunk very quickly.
I successfully spilled mulled wine, burnt Pizzas, slipped on Mince Pies, broke wine glasses and giggled at old people and politicians, especially when they were telling dull anecdotes.
Awkward for everyone but me.

Ho Ho Ho


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