Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Party, The budget and the hangover

The Tuesday night Labour bash lived up to expectations in every way possible. Drunken beahviour all around -
I particularly liked my colleague MD doing the splits in front of various cabinet Ministers. The state we were in of course was not ideal especially as we had the final budget discussion on Wed.

Reassuring to see that Plaid saw sense and backed down allowing the budget through, however what was far more entertaining was watching the 3 opposition parties launch into scathing attacks on each other. Brilliant! Plaid made a tactical mistake and they know it, by co-operating and working with the Tories on such massive issues they are alienating their core vote.
Now however not only do they politically confused they also look very weak indeed.

Good for us and good for the Tories.

I write this in something of a blur as my hangover kicks up a gear and I have another social tonight . argh :-(


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