Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fiddling while Labour burned...

Well, what a summer, new (exciting) job, more floods, West Brom winning first home game in the Premier League, the economy sliding downhill fast and one of the biggest investment banks going into liquidation, highest inflation in 16 years oh and the Labour Party ripping itself apart.

It feels like the early 90's all over again except this time it's the Labour party turning on itself at the vert itme it need to be showing some leadership. i am no fan of the PM but I am gravitating towards him as crisis (s) grow.

Know one else is better positioned to safeguard the economy in quite the same way as GB.
Now is not the time for a change in leader Lets hope Cairns is the last or conference is going to be very interesting indeed...


Blogger Robert said...

You normally find the bloke that drops you in the shit fights like hell to get you out. It was not the Tories that sent us into this depression although they have been masters of it in the past according to brown it's everyone from the sick the disabled the gays the Americans of course the only bloke to have sod all to do with it was brown. as he said they other day do not throw shoes at me, and the Americans are to blame both poor jokes.

But we will see if the people of this country now being told to take pay cuts or told to stay home on basic pay or in fact your sacked will feel about Brown at the next election after 40 years of voting Labour I think my voting days are over.

2:29 AM  

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