Monday, April 14, 2008

So I was right after all...

Last August I wrote this on my blog...

"Back and it's about time...
Well it's been nearly 6 weeks since I last updated my blog and in that time GB has roared past David Camera On leading him by over 10 points.Well that is something I wasn't expecting nor was his expert handling of terrorist attacks, massive flooding and returning foot and mouth. I stand corrected Mr Brown you've surprised me absolutely.Good job GB."

I stand corrected huh! Should have gone with my gut instinct after all, what is interesting is to watch politicans on the Labour benches who had been desperate to rid the country of Blair now squirm when faced witht the disappointment of Brown. It may a local Swansea Candidate or even Diane Abbot on This Week, but there is no denying that the predicitons from the Blairites amongst us are coming to pass. Ironic that the Blairites are now the politicos defending Blair against the rest of the party and electorate.

Jamie Angus summed it up a couple of weeks ago when he said "This is going exactly as I expected and predicted".
The backroom boy who couldn't be PM. Por old Brown.

Locally however we are plugging away at the Lib-Dems in Swansea, I think we increase our vote in Townhill - if there is any justice as we are working the ward hard. It's difficult to predict elsewhere we may steal a couple in Uplands (they're certainly working hard) and maybe a couple in Cockett **

A stressful time again but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

** I may amend that on May 2nd with some other thoughts


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