Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lax blogger = thoughtful politico

My blogging continues to be lax, I note it has been nearly to months since I was last writing about my life. The pressure on me regarding the local elections is tremendous, I find it both frustrating and equally satisfying. I do no doubt work best when I'm under pressure to deliver.

I haven't for a while mentioned the Baggies who are still in contention for both the F.A. Cup and promotion we'll see how long that lasts, and Secret Invasion kicks off tomorrow which I'm jazzed about.

In Swansea it's an interesting prospect regarding the local elections. I think we'll hold Townhill and Castle, we may take a seat or two in Cockett (although my gut disagrees), as for Uplands that is impossible to tell from the amount of work both sides are now putting in. P.M is out for himself and that may help as he marginalises the others in his output.

I think the Tories may benefit in Sketty as much of the Liberal Vote is soft - May 1st 11pm onwards will certainly be an exciting time.

One last quick mention to my fave movie at the moment, 'There Will Be Blood' is just superb Daniel Day-Lewis is deservedly the Oscar winner of a powerful masterpiece has to be seen to be believed...


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