Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I AM LABOUR:- The last Labour Councillor on Earth and he's not alone.

Well a 12% swing to Labour in Townhill while the rest of the country is being wiped out... wow!

Not bad and probably the most elated I've felt in a while.
Big tributes to Mr Angus who was a marvel in a completley non-political way of course. As ever I will be in his debt. Down from 32 seats to 30 not brilliant but not a Cardiff style massacre.

The rest of the country took quite the drubbing when the annihilation word beckons you have to worry, but still pretty terrible results. What's the future for GB now the 10p tax has been put to bed... well lets see how the bi-election goes first shall we? Will be 90 or 95 for our dear PM?

West Brom promoted - did I ever doubt Mowbray the Magnificent? Of course I did but then I am a Baggies fan. Boing Boing! Of course our promotion was made all the sweeter by the relegation of Birmingham and the poor showing of Wolves!
Boing Boing!!


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