Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gay Abandon...

A great post from the writing genius of Peter David:

It is amusing that some people fulminate about so-called activist judges, and yet when judges in California legalize gay marriage by a strict reading of the Constitution, conservatives rush to get a referendum on the ballot for November that would restrict marriage to a man and a woman.

Food for thought: a mere forty one years ago, the marriage of Senator Obama's parents would not have been recognized in sixteen states, because there were strict laws against a mixed race marriage...until some gosh-darned activist judges ruled that law unconstitutional.

When are those who are busy minding other peoples' business going to tumble to the fact that any two people who wish to marry are the same race--the human race--whether they have different skin or like gender? There cannot be different grades of equality.

Marriage, which once was something strictly arranged by parents, typically for financial gain, is in a constantly state of change and gay marriage is simply the next logical step in its evolution...presuming that critics of gay marriage believe in evolution.

Just brilliant Peter, brilliant.


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