Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another file lost...and the focus shifts again

David Davies resigns in protest at the 42 day detention and i'm genuinely torn. Having considered the resignation over a couple of days I have come to the conclusion that I admire his libertarian values but I'm not sure triggering a bi-election was the way to go.

He's certainly a man of principle but is it an empty gesture? Won't he just win his seat back?
Is this bad for the Tories? Nick Robinson has an interesting take on why it may be bad for the Conservatives...

The BBC has been inundated with calls, texts, e-mails and blog comments praising David Davis' decision yesterday and some have questioned why I have suggested it may be a nightmare for the Conservative Party.
So here are ten reasons:

1) It will pit the Tories against the paper whose support they most want to win - The Sun

2) David Davis might lose the by-election, robbing the Tories of a talented politician

3) Davis may win big, emphasising his status as a potential rival for David Cameron

4) The by-election may be a damp squib in which no major party runs and is seen by many as a waste of tax payers' money

5) David Davis wins and gets back into the shadow cabinet where no-one knows what he'll do next and is therefore a divisive force

6) David Davis stays on the backbenches and becomes a focus of discontent with David Cameron and a divisive force

7) The Conservative Party is forced to have the divisive debate between libertarianism and authoritarianism

8) The Conservatives are diverted from their strategy of focusing on schools, welfare and family policies

9) David Cameron does not look in control of his top team

10) For the first time in months Gordon Brown is helped to avoid dreadful headlines which today would have read ("I did no deal, honest")

An interesting and thoughtful take.....

Then this all shifts again when it is announced that yet more top secret files have been left on a train. The Government don't seem to be able to catch a break, but they must do something to stop theses breaches in security, it's making them look very foolish.


Blogger Charlie said...

Your reasons aren't invalid as far as they go, but they do seem myopically concentrated on question on inter- and intra-party jostling - on politics with a smallest imaginable 'p'. Never a mention of the question of civil liberties, which is what this is actually about. It's not just a chess game!

12:59 AM  
Blogger sandwellboyabroad said...

read my previous post!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Charlie. From the beginning it has seemed to me that the media, along with the leaders of the three political parties have been wrongfooted. Newsnight, the day DD announced his intentions was a perfect example. Paxman was almost bemused by it. He could only see it in terms of party politics when what it is about is the 2000+ extra laws put on the statute book whilst Blair was in power and the consequent inroads into our civil liberties by a Government seeking to control us in every way. Mostly though I am frightened by the response of my fellow citizens over the pat few years allowing it to happen. Apathy is the only word to describe it.

5:08 AM  

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