Thursday, June 12, 2008

A humiliating victory...and don't we all feel safer?

Brown wins by the skin of his teeth relying on the DUP to save his sorry leadership for another month.
Sigh... 42 days, why?

There is no evidence to support the extension form 28 days, none.
There is no doubt that the general public want it extended and that the tories are playing politial football to gain points to attack the government.

I appreciate we're in dangerous times but I think it ironic that on Wednesday we are espousing the rights of 42 days without charge to make the country safer. On Thursday we are dealing with reports that classified documents about Terrorism and Iraq have been left on a train in Surrey, which if delivered into the worng hands would give terrorist organisation a heads up on our strategic plans.

Still at least we ok locally it's not as if they are closing post offices across the country.... wait a moment.

Seriously though I would be the first to defend much of what is going on but our image is tarnished and we're in real danger of losing completely. We need focus and clear guidance to regain any momentum. James Purnell had the right idea in free swimming ( Wales have been doing it for years) a clear obvious benefical policy that the Tories would never implement.
At least there are some diamonds in the rough...


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