Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gay Abandon...

A great post from the writing genius of Peter David:

It is amusing that some people fulminate about so-called activist judges, and yet when judges in California legalize gay marriage by a strict reading of the Constitution, conservatives rush to get a referendum on the ballot for November that would restrict marriage to a man and a woman.

Food for thought: a mere forty one years ago, the marriage of Senator Obama's parents would not have been recognized in sixteen states, because there were strict laws against a mixed race marriage...until some gosh-darned activist judges ruled that law unconstitutional.

When are those who are busy minding other peoples' business going to tumble to the fact that any two people who wish to marry are the same race--the human race--whether they have different skin or like gender? There cannot be different grades of equality.

Marriage, which once was something strictly arranged by parents, typically for financial gain, is in a constantly state of change and gay marriage is simply the next logical step in its evolution...presuming that critics of gay marriage believe in evolution.

Just brilliant Peter, brilliant.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Civil Liberties and the mysterious case of the laddish Tory..

I feel I have to justify everthing i say on this blog, in my last post I was criticised about not tackling the issue of civil liberties, despite referencing it several times in the past.

For the record 42 days is unecessary because it infringes on the rights that we work hard to protect. There is no necessity for an increase, it will act as a recruiting ground for terrorists and it is the beginning of something far more distasteful. This coming for an unapolegitic New Labour Blairite who favoured many of his more critically damaging policies.
Done, it was wrong i oppose it, moving on...

Italy a great country, fantastic people, so what possessed a certain Tory to spk his mind on a footie sport show.

A moment of madness, oh no wait that's old Ron's line isn't it and when the only defender you have in public is Ron Davies, you know you're in trouble...

Tory suspended as party candidate

The Conservatives have suspended Welsh assembly member Alun Cairns as a general election candidate.
A spokesman said an investigation was pending by the party chairman, and follows a row over a comment about Italians on a BBC radio programme.
Two Labour MPs have called on Mr Cairns to step down as a candidate for the Labour-held Vale of Glamorgan seat.
Mr Cairns quit his assembly education spokesman post and apologised for his "inappropriate" comments.
He likened Italians to "greasy wops" in a radio discussion on Euro 2008.
Mr Cairns, who is a South Wales West AM, also resigned as chair of the assembly's finance committee.
The Conservatives confirmed that Mr Cairns had been suspended as a candidate yesterday "pending an investigation by the party chairman".
Earlier, Caerphilly MP Wayne David said it was "a sensible and logical thing" for Mr Cairns to step down.
But Mr David, while welcoming the apology, said it was only partial if he remained a candidate in the Vale of Glamorgan.
"It's not the worst but nevertheless such terms are unacceptable," he told the BBC Wales Politics Show.

"If David Cameron wants to draw a line under it, it's very important for him to be absolutely clear that Alun Cairns isn't only stepping down from the two positions he holds but from the position he aspires to."

His comments were echoed by former Europe minister Denis MacShane MP, who added: "Xenophobic language against Italians is the same as other racism."
Mr Cairns apologised immediately for the comments made during BBC Radio Cymru's Dau o'r Bae discussion programme on Friday.

Contributors had been asked to say who they would be supporting during the Euro 2008 tournament.
When another contributor said she had written "nice food" next to Italy in the list, Mr Cairns said: "I've written greasy wops."
In a statement on Saturday afternoon, Mr Cairns, said: "I very much regret the remarks and wish to apologise once again for the offence they may have caused.

"I have the utmost respect for Italy and Italian people but accept that my comments, no matter how inadvertent, were unacceptable. "

Welsh Conservative leader Nick Bourne AM, who faces reshuffling his shadow cabinet in the assembly this week, said: "While his comments were completely out of character they were unacceptable."
Former Caerphilly MP Ron Davies, who is now the director of the Valleys Race Equality Council, said Mr Cairns had accepted his invitation to join their annual meeting next month, adding "I know there isn't a racist bone in his body.
"These comments he has made are inexcusable but we have to put them in the context of what was a light-hearted discussion around football and was meant, I'm sure, as laddish humour."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another file lost...and the focus shifts again

David Davies resigns in protest at the 42 day detention and i'm genuinely torn. Having considered the resignation over a couple of days I have come to the conclusion that I admire his libertarian values but I'm not sure triggering a bi-election was the way to go.

He's certainly a man of principle but is it an empty gesture? Won't he just win his seat back?
Is this bad for the Tories? Nick Robinson has an interesting take on why it may be bad for the Conservatives...

The BBC has been inundated with calls, texts, e-mails and blog comments praising David Davis' decision yesterday and some have questioned why I have suggested it may be a nightmare for the Conservative Party.
So here are ten reasons:

1) It will pit the Tories against the paper whose support they most want to win - The Sun

2) David Davis might lose the by-election, robbing the Tories of a talented politician

3) Davis may win big, emphasising his status as a potential rival for David Cameron

4) The by-election may be a damp squib in which no major party runs and is seen by many as a waste of tax payers' money

5) David Davis wins and gets back into the shadow cabinet where no-one knows what he'll do next and is therefore a divisive force

6) David Davis stays on the backbenches and becomes a focus of discontent with David Cameron and a divisive force

7) The Conservative Party is forced to have the divisive debate between libertarianism and authoritarianism

8) The Conservatives are diverted from their strategy of focusing on schools, welfare and family policies

9) David Cameron does not look in control of his top team

10) For the first time in months Gordon Brown is helped to avoid dreadful headlines which today would have read ("I did no deal, honest")

An interesting and thoughtful take.....

Then this all shifts again when it is announced that yet more top secret files have been left on a train. The Government don't seem to be able to catch a break, but they must do something to stop theses breaches in security, it's making them look very foolish.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A humiliating victory...and don't we all feel safer?

Brown wins by the skin of his teeth relying on the DUP to save his sorry leadership for another month.
Sigh... 42 days, why?

There is no evidence to support the extension form 28 days, none.
There is no doubt that the general public want it extended and that the tories are playing politial football to gain points to attack the government.

I appreciate we're in dangerous times but I think it ironic that on Wednesday we are espousing the rights of 42 days without charge to make the country safer. On Thursday we are dealing with reports that classified documents about Terrorism and Iraq have been left on a train in Surrey, which if delivered into the worng hands would give terrorist organisation a heads up on our strategic plans.

Still at least we ok locally it's not as if they are closing post offices across the country.... wait a moment.

Seriously though I would be the first to defend much of what is going on but our image is tarnished and we're in real danger of losing completely. We need focus and clear guidance to regain any momentum. James Purnell had the right idea in free swimming ( Wales have been doing it for years) a clear obvious benefical policy that the Tories would never implement.
At least there are some diamonds in the rough...