Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm back and it's about time...

Well it's taken me a while but a couple of people have encouraged me to start a fresh, so let the political blogging of an International Officer and a local Labour Councillor begin in earnest again...

The hot topic of conversation right now is the Milliband saga dominating the TV and newspapers. 'Red' Ed vs Blairite David.
One as leader, one as a quiet backbench MP. I've been defending Ed milliband quite a bit on the blogs sphere and on Facebook, but ultimately there is really no need. His success or apparent failure will not be known for several months yet. Until that point all the speculation in the world won't change a thing. Let's remember Ed's leadership speech could have been given virtually word for word by David, with the noted exception of the comment on Iraq.
I for one was an ardent supporter of Ed who wobbled to David at the last possible moment. I'm now facing a conundrum, would David have been ultimately better, have we gifted the Con-Dems an easy ride? Is Ed a pushover, will he make the tough decisions.

As yet he's untested but he does have to have a certain taste for making hard decisions, his dmolition of his brother is a good example of this...


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