Monday, February 19, 2007

Election Fever

Ok I knew that it would be busy and tough on the countdown to the election but this is incredible - the silly season is in full swing.

Canvassing, leafletting, interviews, visits, 7 day work weeks, it's started.. oh boy.

Reaction on the doorstep had been good, the AD brand is strong and Welsh Labour had bought in some strong successful policies, free buses for the elderly and disabled, free prescriptions from april 1st for all, free school breakfasts.

I could go on but I won't bore anybody...

Valentines came and went with the obvious juggling that occurs at that time of year. I know RB had much the same problem.

When I have time I'll do a quick run down of the Bafta's - everyting went per my Oscar predictions witht the exception of Eddie murphy losing best supporting nod and Greengrass receiving the director nod.

Finally saw Hot Fuzz at the weekend (a review we'll be appearing here shortly) with Nick - most enjoyable movie in ages.

Off to get ready for welsh party conference in North Wales ...... can hardly wait.


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