Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Death, interns and super Casino's

I must make mention of the passing of the former MEP David Morris (Dai), I won't pretend I liked him, indeed I opposed most of his motions and views that he bought to the GC.
We did agree on one thing though and that was getting young members into the party.
Since his passing I've heard a lot of really positive things that Dai has contributed to the party over the years that I was totally unaware of, that was my fault and I regret not getting to know the man better.

Interns what can you say they're trouble, I appreciate the warmth I have received from the Conservative intern Stephen Spaulding. I don't agree with nearly all his views he is a scary Neo Con. Nuke iran? yup, Nuke Iraq? Yup, follow Dubya anywhere? Yup?
Scary.. still nice lad :-) On social legislation I seem to be winning him around.
Had drunken fun last night with the interns, htey're a good laugh :-)

It's been announced today that Swansea is to be allocated a mini-super casino. I'm against this in principle Swansea already has 2 casinos we certainly don't need a third regardless of the limited jobs it will create. This the wrong kind of investment for Swansea.


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