Monday, January 29, 2007

A bright Afternoon in Wolverhampton

What can I say when two age old rivals meet each other in a tense cup game...
Yesterday I was recieving messages that said
"You dirty sandwell boys are going down. The city is bouncing, there could be trouble today"

Followed quickly by:
"My god this is crazy. Cmon!"

Yet strangely after the third West Brom goal went in past the flat, insipid defence (I'm being kind) the text message I recieved read:
"Don't even talk to me".

Another West Brom game against the Wolves another victory, I would like to say it was fair fight, a good game, evenly matched with rare displays of skill on both sides.

It wasn't ... West Brom destroyed them.
Wolves were poor, beleagured, bitter, weak, slow, boring, inadequate and outclassed.

It also equalled our widest margin of victory in a quarter of a century. Sweet!!

Still at least the home fans had a pie and pint courtesy of jez Moxey.

I cannot begin to tell you how smug I am.


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