Monday, February 05, 2007

Boyfriends and Dreamgirls

Thursday was a great night out with the gang for C's 30th birthday. The bindy creature was also present looking as awful as ever, still much fun had by all.

An interesting weekend that began with the Golden wedding of Gordon Carrithers and culminated in a musical extravaganza.

We launched AD's campaign Saturday and had a good response in Townhill, this was followed by an enjoyable English Rugby match. Although I fear the headlines Jonny B God are overestimating Wilko's presence in the match.

The evening was spent in the delightful company of CO who whilst proving once again he is charming, delightful company and a delightful companion.
Nevertheless he does where the most God awful clothes that I ahve ever seen - named goods they maybe but Primark or Officers Club they appear. Still we had a rather enjoyable night even if after 3 pints of stella he feels dizzy and sick.

Yesterday following the Welsh defeat and they played well there is no doubt about that, I watched Dreamgirls.

A cracking little musical with Oscar worthy performances from Eddie "little richard" Murphy and former American Idol finalist Jennifer hudson.
It was fun, energetic and enteraining. I predicted the above 2 would receive Oscar nods and now I'm certain.
The story follows a trio known as the Dreams (read that Supremes) throught their motown roots into their disco diva final days. Beyonce does an admirable job as the Diana Ross character but really the supporting turn from Jennifer Hudson is nothing short of incredible....she'll go far.

and finally... is anybody else suspicious of why Tony was in suffolk last week with a couple of sickly turkeys? - and I don't mean Reid and Brown


Anonymous Black Country Boy said...

Must watch Dream Girls. Saw Blood Diamond recently - a tad commercial but very powerful. Really want to see The Last King of Scotland too. You seen it?

11:02 AM  

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