Thursday, January 04, 2007

January Blues and a Bonkers ex..

The two weeks holiday have flown by and I find myself on day 2 of the countdown to May 3rd.
I had a great Xmas, one of the better in recent memory, probably because I needed the break that much more.

The excellent Christmas was followed by a very quiet but very drunken New Years Eve with Ian in Birmingham. The atmosphere was bizarre, i have never seen Brum so quiet, there was just no one around. Nevertheless Ian and myself had an excellent time, and saw the New Year In courtesy of the Tap and Spile next to the canals.

By 2.30am we were truly hammered and following a brief foray into the wilderness of "Missing" :-) we caught a Taxi home.

New Years Day was punctuated with games of Trivial Pursuit with my parents and a quiet evening chilling out. The result by the Baggies was horrendous and you'll no excuses for their performance on this blog. Mowbray needs to kick their asses, to lose to the bottom team of the table is inexcusable. they should have their wages docked.

Back here in the Assembly, I think it is an understatement to say many support staff are dreading the May election, understandably the atmosphere has already started to become suitably more tense than last term. These four months cannot be over quick enough as far as I'm concerned.

Welsh Labour needs to come out strongly this term, building on the demolition job that the opposition inflicted on each other last term over the budget. It is essential we take the fight to them and highlight the massive achievements that Welsh Labour has had in Swansea and Wales.

Finally had a good chat with my friend Nic last night about the instability of a former Mrs Bradley. I unfortunately uncorked the insanity just before Christmas and it seem that big B has really gone loopy - indeed so much so that he believed the reason I had a Muppet Xmas Carol movie on when he visited was to imply that I still loved him.

yes - or I could just have had the Xmas movie playing on Channel 5 in the background.

Bonkers!! - I think my time has come to leave well alone and I know 'Oh my god Nic' would be grateful.


Anonymous Former Mrs Bradley (thank go) said...

I think that is particularly unfair and uncalled for don't you?

4:35 PM  

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