Sunday, April 29, 2007

A night out on the tiles with Angus..

Good of my mate Ian to come down and help with the campaigning for the election this Thursday, as the pressure mounts we're all beginning to feel the strain. However this entry is not about the harding working members of the labour party no this is about the booze tolerence of Mr Angus.

3.30pm we started with lunch and a pint followed by four more and then a nice meal. (both Wolves and west Brom won so there was no fighting)
This was until about 9.15pm when Ian started puffing and blowing like a knackered steam train.
He was then trying not to be sick as we walked to a taxi.
5 pints and by match of the day Ian was sound asleep on the sofa complaining sbout his stiff joints, the very time I was gearing up to go out clubbing...

He awoke at 9.15am this morning after 11+ hrs sleep feeling better - my grandad has more stamina.
Gone is the rugged fit, charasmatic young man i used to know instead he's been replaced by his father. 28 - going on 70 shame on you Mr Angus. Shame on you.
I'll have a hot water bottle and a pair of warm slippers for you next time....


Anonymous Black Country Boy said...

Yes, yes; heavy drinking is a childish and futile excercise; I have simply matured.

See you in the play offs ;-)

11:47 AM  

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