Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baggies Bounce out and 9 days of campaiging to go..

A brief one today, lets to get it out the way. The Baggies last night were shocking, terrible, awful they do no deserve promotion!! Happy Ian?

Now onto the important stuff - 9 days to the election, I'm just shattered. We have finally finished stuffing and labelling 60,000 leaflets - best not to ask why we are doing this manually and not through printers.

Went to a hustings last night AD was exceptionally good but Peter May the Lib-Dem was horrendous, just awful like a poorly briefed 12 year old. Atrocious!! The last question about the economy and environmental impact he responded - I'm tired it's late, I don't know :-(
Poor poor Peter quit while you're ahead mate cos we're coming for you :-) and your (alleged) illegal activities.

Still the response on the doorstep is good the other political parties are looking desperate and nothing, nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to see Plaid slide to the third party in Wales.

When I'm asked why Welsh Labour - it's easy.

Free Prescriptions for all.

Free bus travel for all pensioners across Wales.

The lowest unemployment for a generation across Swansea and Wales.

Free school breakfasts for all primary school children.

Clear red water indeed (oh and wales is already no-smoking)
Beat that boys, beat that.


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