Friday, May 25, 2007

So Close and yet...

A difficult week in welsh Politics to be sure, for the first time in 8 years there was a very real prospect of a rainbow coalition.

I was preparing my office for the arrival of my boss the former Minister of EIN and then those lovely Libs pulled out of talks.

Poor old Mike misreading his Lib - party yet again and causing untold embarrassment to Ieuan Wyn Jones. Brilliant.

Best quote of the week form Lord Carlisle - former Welsh lib-dem leader berating his colleagues for attempting to form a coalition said:
Ieuan Wyn Jones would have been the bride, Nick Bourne the groom, but who remembers the ushers? - Indeed!!

Rhodri for First Minister!


Anonymous Ian said...

Looks like the Lib Dems are reconsidering. I f*****g hate them. Sent Stu a text this morning telling him so.

2:49 AM  

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