Monday, May 14, 2007

Blair the most successful post-war Prime Minister? Discuss.

A long time since 1997 and it easy to get bogged down in the Iraq war, the erosion of civil liberties, and the hype around spin.

The PM is right though if you really think, remember 1997 the transformation in this country undeniable.

We have the strongest economy in Europe with the highest employment and lowest unemployment for a generation. The minimum wage has ensured that everybody gets a decent standard of living but it would be wrongThe NHS is massively improved, just visit your local hospital, waiting list for minor operations are down to 18weeeks from 18months and significantly less for major ops. our cities stand transformed and not just London but Swansea is having million of investment pumped into it.

Pensioners have never been so well off, Gay couples can essentially marry, fox hunting is banned, access to museums is free, school class sizes are down, nurses, doctors, teachers are better paid, we have some of the best maternity cover in Europe, Northern Ireland is at peace, crime is down and continuing to fall and much of this is down to Blair. - You will be missed.


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